I’m a waif
Without parents, without relatives, without friends and companions
I have no home
I do not have food
Moreover, property.

I used to have parents, five years ago
Until I was eight years old
However,,,, whether the devil from which ones come
Poisoned their minds, interfered their hearts
I still remember when my father threw a plate glass
Right next to my mother
She was crying and cursing
Sorry, I can not say
the words that came out of their mouths
Until finally they divorced, and remarried to other people
I did not know how to live with whom
My stepsisters were so cruel
I was considered as a beast
as their pets
And I decided to run away
I wanted to be free
Yes, free, with no one tied up me

I started living on the streets
Begging at the crossroads
Stealing food, even other people’s money
Always pursued, reviled, and humiliated

I sleep covered with newspapers,
Repose cardboard,
One with nature, with the incision of chill wind at night
I really want to feel a kiss on my forehead
Gently caress my hair
A warm hug from my mom..
I really envy them
Those who have family
Have a father and mother
Got home, and school

Well, it was only a dream,
Almost every day I was chased by fear
From them
The ruthless men – hungry of woman
I was almost raped
I was trauma
I was tortured
I wanted to kill them
I also wanted to kill myself

I’ll do anything to relieve this pain
When I scratched my wrist with broken glass
I feel the pain more than previously
I screamed, I cried, I moaned in pain
Lord, remove my life.
I do not want to live.

I’m walking in a dark alley
Holding the pain in my hand
I see no bright light, glare, glare at once
I find there is a deep ravine

I can not see the end
I stepped forward, and said ………………………


About ernisilaban

An English teacher; Lamb of God
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